Originally I wanted to write about the VANCER team,making it a formal introduction. But then while I was designing new products and interacting with everybody I thought why the fuck does it have to be so formal? I love chatting and chillin with people so I don't see the need to be so formal cuz we family yea? At least for me the outpouring trust from y'all has been really great and actually hits a soft spot. The times y'all been saying "take my money" really actually does mean something. It spells for me respect and trust and I don't wanna let y'all down. I wanna bring products that you can trust and are worth every penny.

Our team started out as a group of gamers 20 years ago and we wanted to make something that we would like to use and that's why we created VANCER (or maybe cuz I sucked at cs and Quake and wanted a better mouse to beat them scrubs). I wanted to create products that would make me feel the most comfortable while playing and that's what we want you to feel too! So pretty much sums up who we are and what we want to do, just to do our part in gaming cuz that’s what we gamers do.

Shoutout from your friend Acker, looking forward to chatting with y'all about new exciting products and feedbacks+ ideas. Finally, welcome to the VANCER family!